Friday, December 3

Those Pesky MSM/Kerry Talking Points

(HT: A Time For Choosing: blogs about "The Missing Al-QaQaa Weapons)
Remember the missing munitions from the Al-Qaqaa weapons dump that the press put on the front page of every newspaper and led every TV broadcast with as their last assault on the President before the election? The same weapons that have not been spoken of a single time by members of the press since November 3rd?"
Read the article. If we recall, there were quite a number of "damning" and damaging allegations were made prior to the election. Don't ya just wonder where they went? Just like the pre-invasion predictions that the invasion force would be a long drawn out incredibly costly affair. Those claims disappeared in the wake of the success of the invasion. As I pointed out way back when, there were no shamefaced apologies for a lack of "reality based" predictions, eh?