Tuesday, January 25

A Challenge to the Non-Believers: Update

Update: Rob Ryan has proposed a book. Atheism: The Case Against God by George H. Smith. My library has it and I put it on hold. I will have it by the weekend.

Almost a week ago, I issued a challenge, which was that up to four of my readers would read Challenge of Jesus by N.T.Wright and I would read a book of their choosing. We would then write essays or at the very least write down some commentary on what we had read.

Jim (of Decorabilia) selected Awakenings by Oliver Sacks for me to read. As yet Mr Moderate and Rob Ryan have not yet selected a book for me to read, if either of you read this, please drop a comment and let me know what to obtain. My local library did not have Awakenings but I received it today via inter-library loan. I will be traveling on business tomorrow, and expect to have some down-time in a hotel tomorrow night. I should be able to pen a first essay late tomorrow night or Thursday morning. I will still entertain one challenger if one should wish to take it up.