Wednesday, January 26

Visiting: Back of the Envelope

Today as part of my "Visiting" series, we are taken to Back of the Envelope hosted by Donald Crankshaw, Evangelical Christian and PhD in EE with an interest in Quantum Computing. He also features a sort of downloadable shareware novel as a link on the front of his blog. Some recent posts of note:
  • RSA Encryption and So, you want a quantum key distribution system? are somewhat technical posts which probably put off those people who don't the difference between big O, little o, and oy vey.
  • Women in Ministry Here Mr Crankshaw links bloggers post on a touchy topic in the modern church, the role of women. He promises to post on this topic his thoughts on a later date. I'll have to remember to keep an eye out for that.
  • Ye olde scienceIn this he quotes another blogger and continues,
    This is something I've considered before. The first thing to realize is that we're no smarter than our ancestors. I'd even hesitate to say that we're more knowledgeable. Certainly, as a society, we have a lot more data than someone who lived a few hundred years ago, but people today tend to be specialists, with their knowledge highly focused in one or two fields.
    I've said much the same myself, even going further to point out that those people in ages gone past had probably more insight into what makes us human, our nature and foibles, than today for today we are distracted by all that knowledge of a technical nature.