Thursday, January 27

Visiting: Ogre's Politics & Views

Today in the visiting series, we come to Ogre's Politics & Views hosted by Ogre (with a very cute picture on the header). Head on over and check it out. Recent notable posts by Mr Ogre include:
  • The Liberation of Auschwitz

    On January 20th, we marked the anniversary of the 1942 Wannsee Conference. In the course of that Conference, the Nazi hierarchy formalized the plan to annihilate the Jewish people. Understanding the horrors of Auschwitz requires that one be aware of the premeditated mass-murder that was presented at Wannsee.


    If remembering Auschwitz should teach us anything, it is that we must all support Israel and the Jewish people against the vilification and the complicity we are witnessing, knowing where it inevitably leads.
    This is part of a large blogburst occurring today. Follow, read, and remember.
  • Fixing the Democratic Party Mr Ogre has started a drive to elicit suggestions from GOP supporters on how the Democrats might reverse their trend at the polls. Unlike Mr Rauch, Mr Ogre is a little more obviously tongue in cheek.
  • A Blog Neighbor In which we visit Stand Up and Walk. Mr Ogre going to do the Meet your neighbor once a week. Cool, although it might take three years to get through the blogroll.
  • Choice Mr Ogre, reluctantly weighs in on the "birthday" of Roe v Wade weighing in with some links and
    Abortion and abortion "rights" are lies used for material gain. I honestly, with today's technology and scientific knowledge, cannot understand how poisoning a baby just before birth can be viewed as a "choice."