Wednesday, February 2

Needed: A Defense of Our Division

Our Christian community is not united. Hundreds of denominations dot our spiritual landscape. Yet among these communities many if not most, ascribe to the same core beliefs: the five Solas and profess a common creed. Our goal is to show the light of Christ to the world to live our life transparent to will of Christ. If we have this in common, what are those differences which vex us?

My question to the God Blogosphere is the following. Of the differences we hold, why are they strong enough to keep us apart, out of communion, and in (sometimes bitter) disagreement. What are these differences? I challenge you to defend them! Tell us what differences you hold more important than what you profess each week: your belief in one holy catholic and apostolic Church. Or are the differences just political and based on historical inertia? If it is just traditions of styles of worship and praxis, why does that still hold us apart? I don't have the answers to these questions, but many out there who read this undoubtedly have thoughts on this.

Please leave a link to your essay in a comment,email, or trackback and I'll collect them and publish.