Monday, February 21

On The Lighter Side

It just struck me that judging by many of the essays I've read earlier, those of my Gentle readers with a philosophical bent would very much enjoy a book I read a few years back (if they haven't already read it). I enjoyed it enough that I inflicted it on several co-workers who also enjoyed it immensely. The book I refer to is ... (drum roll) ... Sewer, Gas and Electric : The Public Works Trilogy by Matt Ruff.

This book is a perversion of the original sense of trilogy. Most people view a trilogy as a story set in three books. This is (at least) three stories smashed together. One of those stories is a delightful parody of Ayn Rand. In fact, besides having a zany cast of characters drawn from the Fountainhead, we have Ayn Rand herself (or at least an AI simulacrum of her) as a character in her own parody. As they say, "I laughed out loud."

This book might even work as a mini-series on TV done in the style of "Blake 7" or "Dr Who".