Thursday, February 3

Visiting: Semicolon

Today, in our visiting series we some to Semicolon, brought to us by Sherry (surname remains anonymous). Sherry tells us she is:
You've reached semicolon--the blog of a 40-something homeschool teacher, foolish Christian, conservative Republican, bookreading fanatic, happily married mother of eight. I'm married to Engineer Husband, mom to Eldest Daughter(19), Computer Guru Son(17), Dancer Daughter(15), Organizer Daughter(13), Brown Bear Daughter(10), Karate Kid(7), Betsy Bee(5), and Z-baby(3)
A few notable recent posts include:
  • Safia Taleb Al Souhail Sherry admits, I teared up when I saw this woman, who voted three days ago in the Iraqi elections, stand up and hold up her fingers as a shaking symbol of peace and freedom at the presidentÂ’s State of the Union address
  • 25 Most Influential Evangelicals Sherry saw the Time article listing influential Evangelicals. She lists them appending her comments as to their role in the Church. Then she gives us her list.
  • Happy Birthday, Mr. Cheney, b. 1941 After wishing our illustrious VP a happy birthday, she notes some of those who share that birthday, including Lloyd Alexander. In Mr Alexander's honor, she then lists (in order) her favorite fantasy worlds.