Sunday, November 21

My Next Reading Projects

Dear Gentle Readers,
Well, yesterday I finished with the Augustine's Confessions and today I'm deciding what to start reading next. I have a number of other Early Christian Father series books (6-8 of them), two other Augustine titles (Expositions on the Psalms 26-50 and the Enchiridon), stuff to pick out of the parish library, and lots of Genesis material. However, what I thought I'd do, is start reading/blogging/essaying (whatever! geesh ... ok ) working, my way through some of the New Testament. I flipped a coin, and Paul won. I'm going to start blogging my way through the Epistles of St Paul. I've been hearing them in pieces most of my life. As with the rest of the Bible and Theological matters, I haven't seriously considered them since I became an adult.

If anyone has any better ideas, I'll consider it (or at least put it in queue).

And if anybody wants to suggest good commentaries, I am all ears err, eyes, uhm will heed your suggestions.
Thanks all.