Monday, November 22

Stupid or Evil? Pick one

Do you support affirmative action. If so, which are you?

Discussions about affirmative action has been in the wind recently. Both at the Volokh Conspiracy and Parableman discussing a recent survey. Instead of commenting on studies and statistics and policy I'm going to submit some general observations.
  • In parenting, when my child is failing to meet goals, do I respond by lowering my standards and telling her that she is doing good enough, or do I not lower any standards and encourage her to rise to the challenge. In fact, whenever you children do meet your goals the normal response is after congratulations are given is to raise ever higher standards. Consider the effect of lowering my standards.
  • In the "Airmen" the black pilots being trained are forced to meet the strictest possible standards in a misguided attempt to force them out. What was done in effect, little did the trainers realize, was an elite squadron was formed. Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is that if you really want to do a social experiment fully, affirmative action should be reversed 100%, that is making access to "things" much harder for minorities. In a half generation, minorities will be sought out because they will be the elite, the best of the best.
  • Just one more point along these lines, if you have a military unit with low performance and moral. How does one proceed? Will they improve if you lower standards? Or raise them?
  • This of course ignores all aspects of "equal under the law" and the Constitutionality of the whole affirmative action programme.
So here's my main point putting it baldly, supporters of affirmative action are either stupid or evil. Stupid, if they support it and ignore the point that their actions will have the opposite effect that they intend and that after being in place for over 30 years, you'd think it would have started working by now. Evil, if they understand it will have the opposite effect as the stated intent but still support it.