Tuesday, November 23

Towards a Better Minority Policy

Recently I wrote a short essay "Stupid or Evil, Pick One" complaining about current affirmative action policies. It was intentionally provocative, however I did fail in one important regard, that is I merely tore down policies without suggesting a constructive alternative. John Adams had the same complaint with respect to Mr Paine, it's easy to cut down others ideas and policies, but more difficult to build.

However this issue is not particulary complex. It is seems clear to me that preferentially favouring one class of people over another (or handicapping them by not offering opportinities) are both damaging practices. What should be done is to aggressively go after all forms of discrmination (positive and negative).

To restate:
  • Favouring one class causes resentment and provides disincentives for hard work. It is wrong in principle and practice.
  • Repressing one class over another is bad because it causes resentment and provides direct disadvantages. This is also as clearly wrong in principle and practice.

The only alternative you have left is to to try to ensure fair play. If you feel race is an issue in our society therfore I claim you should agressively attack all policies which exhibit any racial preference.