Saturday, January 1

2005: I resolve

Well, a new year dawns cloudy and warm in Pittsburgh. Tomorrow we wend our way home. Traditionally, today is the day to make our New Year resolutions (and watch football). This year, I won't be watching football, so I'd better make some resolutions. If you need some assistance planning your resolutions for this year, Joe Carter has some excellent advice here. So without further ado (or procrastination) here's my list of resolutions:
  • I'll implement my "home" programme for supplementing our education, concentrating on the children but it seems to me the whole family would benefit.
  • I'll finish blogging my way through St. Paul's epistles.
  • Train hard on the hard days, and easy on the easy days. Surprisingly the latter is the more difficult to do. And if you fail at that, you can't do the former.
  • Keep wrestling with Christian Ethics
  • And doing my darndest to understand the worldview divide in America today.
  • And in the immortal words of Fausto Coppi, Ride a bike, ride a bike, ride a bike
  • Blog my way to a higher daily hit count. Let's see if I can't go from micro-blog all the way to mini-blog. :)