Saturday, January 1

Getting Started

Well, a week or so ago, I warned that we'd be getting started on my program to implement my theories of education as part of a supplemental program at home. And to make matters worse, I've even added it to my New Year's resolution list. So how are we going to get started. As a reminder, in brief my idea for education is that the "four pillars" are all that is really required, curriculum is not important. They are:
  • reasoning
  • perseverance
  • memorization
  • diligence
As a starter tomorrow we're all going to pick topics and areas of concentration to be used during the next months. Once we each have picked that, I'll give myself two weeks to come up with more details on how this will work. I'll blog about my ideas and plans. After we get underway, I'll record my progress here. And then every 6 weeks or so, I'll re-assess and decide whether I need to change course, scrap and restart, adjust, or continue if things are going ok.

In designing my curriculum, the main thing is to keep in mind my goals, which is to say, developing expertise in the four areas I've identified. Actual progress in the topic at hand is less relevant. However, we should be able to make some headway there, because although learning specific topics is not the goal, it will be a byproduct.