Monday, January 3

Is this True?

Now I doubt that any on the "left" will think that Bush has ever missed a chance to push himself into the spotlight. However, the "rest" of us in flyoverland think otherwise. We see this today:
The Volokh Conspiracy -: Bush is not 'Big Daddy.' I've noticed that George W. Bush, while his ego is certainly oversized, doesn't always try to make everything about him. There is no doubt that Bill Clinton enjoyed the Bully Pulpit more than George W. There have been several moments when I noticed that Bush was content not to score political points when other Presidents would probably have made themselves a bigger part of the story (e.g. Jessica Lynch's homecoming after being held in an Iraqi hospital). Bush sometimes thinks that the president doesn't need to be in front of the parade. That has both advantages and disadvantages.

I commented a few weeks ago, about Bush having a long face to face with individual who lost their loved ones in Iraq. In that encounter, he kept the press out of it. He could have got "browny points" with the media and public by making sure they knew he was doing that, but didn't. In the second term, as he won't be running for anything else in the future, we'll probably see more of this.