Monday, January 3

Let's all blame the MSM !

Over the Christmas holiday I ventured the thought that the faults we find in our politicians are not to be laid at the voters (or the politicians) heads as much as with the media. The media is more the culprit. Whether it be seeking for feet of clay in those who are otherwise exemplary or ignoring those who should be praised. Today we find a outgoing Senator being praised. He also points his fingers at another aspect of the problem:

OpinionJournal - John Fund on the Trail: Asked who the insiders were, he (Peter Fitzgerald) bluntly replied: 'They're the Republicrats--the power brokers in both parties who through clout, connections and consulting contracts manipulate our system for personal gain. They have no ideology, yet they are the ruling elites of our time. They are fleecing you, the taxpayer.'

When we consider our support for finance reform, we might recall that the only way Mr Fitzgerald got elected was on the shoulders of his own personal fortune. He didn't get support from the party. He is on his way out, because his party won't support him, because he didn't play well with others (in his attacks on established corruption). It would seem to me, that one of the results of the finance reform bills is to further entrench party politics.